Chelsea Professional Development Page

Professional Development Dates: TBA
Provided by: Jessica Travaline, Berkowitz School

Becoming America History Project - Day One Agenda
  1. What was the project? (15 min)
    History of immigration to US and specifically to Boston area.
    Primary source integration - where do you find them?
    Creating Inquiry lesson integrating the history for students at your grade level
  2. What is a inquiry based lesson? (15 min) (check out Lesson Planning 5 and Lesson Planning 6)
    Have your teachers experience an inquiry activity.
    For example, Matt Brophy is using a photo, cartoon, artwork, map and using the worksheets
    an alternative could be SIGHT
    You also talked about doing the brown bags?
  3. You could go through one webquest with the teachers - or assign a few different web quests and have teachers as groups go through them and answer a sheet of questions (15 min):
    Tenement of the Lower East Side
    Tenement of the Lower East Side
    Tenements of the Lower East Side
    by Colleen Synan, Forestdale School, Malden, MA

    • what is the years that the web quest deals with?
    • what immigration population does the lesson refer to?
    • What are the primary sources?
    • What is the inquiry lesson?
    • What age group is the lesson intended for?
    • How could you tailor this lesson to your classes needs?
    • What aspects of this lesson would be good for your students to learn about?
    • What standards does this lesson meet?
  • Return to group to discuss the findings. (15 min)
Teachers pick one lesson and tailor a one day lesson to their classroom.

Day 2 Agenda:
Teachers share their experience.
OR you could have them explore lessons and find a lesson that they could bring back to their classroom. Then have them come and share the lesson with the group.
OR you could have the teachers experience what it would be like to complete a webquest completely.

Day 2 Professional Development