Populating the Lesson Plan Template (Teacher Side)

January 5, 2011
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Each teacher will create a lesson plan aligned to an essential question. Download and review the Lesson Plan Teacher Template form. The Adobe PDF version is provided for easy printing and the other is a Microsoft WORD document that can be modified once you download and save your own copy. Upload the completed T-template form for your individual lesson. Your Teacher Learning Center Director will then work with an experienced PBU developer to integrate the lesson plans into an integrated unit.

PARTS OF THE TEACHER TEMPLATE (with explanations of the purpose of the section):

Grade Level(s):

Age Levels(s):

Subject Area: Provides a listing of subject areas that are directly addressed by the lesson. While our focus is History your lesson may cover other areas i.e. ELA or ELL.

Goals: The unit goal should focus on the essential question for the unit. The lesson goal should focus on the lesson essential question.

Curriculum Standards: American History Standards from MA Frameworks. (See Frameworks Alignment Expectations in your project binder.)

Materials/Resources:Provide a listing of primary sources, instructional materials, references, and technologies needed to support the lesson and/or unit. These may include web sites, experts, equipment, and software. Any additional equipment or supplies that are not normally found in the classroom should be listed. Enough information needs to be provided on each item to enable the reader to locate, acquire, or create the materials. Include information from your Digitization Request Forms. Copywritten materials from non-Partner sites may be referred to but not uploaded; linking to other websites and images generally is fine (check the website for their provisions).

Before you upload your primary documents or images, make sure the document or image has the name under this convention: ps11_firstinitiallastname_description and then the extension for the type of document (.doc, .jpg, or other). (for example: ps11_jdoe_lawerencestrikers1.jpg). This is so we can easily sort and find your primary sources to build your webquests for classroom use.

Timeframe: A statement describing the number of sessions (periods, hours, days, etc.) needed for the various phases of instructional activities.

Student Foundational Skills: Provide a list of the skills and knowledge that students are expected to have as they begin the instructional activities. This includes content knowledge and technology competencies.

Learning Activities and Organizational Notes: A sequential list of classroom/lab activities that provide an overview of the strategies involved in teaching the unit.

Assessments:Include recommended assessments with detailed descriptions. Strategies should promote authentic assessment techniques when possible. Include a completed Assessment Rubric.

Also, indicate which assessment items you wish to use on the pre- and post- test for evaluation in addition to any questions you wish to write and tailor to your class. Choose from the list of questions on the Assessment11 Page. Type the numbers (#) of the questions under this Assessments section. (If items are from BA Year2, please note that as well.) If you have any questions about pre-/post-test assessment items, please refer to the Evaluation Page and/or contact Diane Schilder, Project Evaluator.

If you have worksheets or other assessment items for your lesson, please make sure the document has the name under this convention: bay3_firstinitiallastname_assessmentname.doc (for example: bay3_jdoe_pullfactorsworksheet.doc) before you upload to your Teacher Page.

Teacher Notes: Any special areas of preparation, issues of potential concern, or user feedback may be provided here.

This Teacher Template is below and can be uploaded to your Teacher Page. Before you upload your Teacher Template, make sure the document has the name under this convention: bay3_firstinitiallastname_teacherside.doc (for example: bay3_jdoe_teacherside.doc).

Questions? Please contact your Director -- we'll be happy to help you!

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Use the following template to develop your lesson.

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PDF Version:

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