Revising the Lesson & Preparing for Implementation

March 8 or March 15, 2012
Location: Districts

Today's workshop is a time to gather up and tie off all loose ends. It has four main parts. Let's go!

I. Revise the Lesson

Referring to the comments from your historian, revise your lesson. See your Teacher Learning Center Director for assistance.
While historian reviews may not be available by the time of this workshop, they will be soon.
Lesson revisions are due to your Director by March 23rd.

II. Complete the Teacher Side of the Lesson

The Teacher Side of the Lesson was presented in Workshop 7. Refer to the parts of the Teacher Side of the Lesson. Please note that the parts of the lesson are a little different from the Student Side -- this is because the Teacher Side is addressed to fellow teachers (and thus should be written in third person, unlike the first person of the student side of the lesson) and contains classroom implementation instructions for them.

The Teacher Side of your Becoming America Lesson should be completed by the end of today's workshop and is absolutely DUE March 23.
Please notify your Director when it is completed.

Completing both sides of your lesson allows your Director and Lead Teacher to build the complete lesson in time for the May Showcase Event. The Showcase Event is scheduled for Monday, May 15.

III. Create Pre- and Post-Lesson Assessments

Choose assessment items for pre- and post-tests of lesson and comparison groups by the end of today's workshop.

Assessment items are on the Assessments 11 page.

50% or more of the questions on the pre-/post-assessment should be drawn from this test bank. These questions should be used "as is."

You may write your own question or modify items from the test bank for additional items for the pre-/post- assessment.

When you have selected the test bank questions you wish to use, note the numbers of those questions on your Teachers Side page under the "Assessment" section. Include any questions you have modified or written.

Diane Schilder, Project Evaluator, will prepare the pre-/post- assessment for you and email it to you. Email her at when you have your implementation dates; please include your Director on the email as well.

Your assessment item choices for your Becoming America Lesson should be completed by the end of today's workshop and are absolutely DUE March 23rd.

IV. Schedule Implementation Dates

Please make time today to look at your calendar and decide when and how you will implement (teach) your lesson.

Implementation may be teaching the entire lesson or a significant portion thereof. The pre-test should be given to your class receiving the lesson and a class not being taught before the lesson begins. Please allow time in the schedule for it and the post-test.

You may use one of your own classes (or several) to implement. If you do not have your own class, you may coordinate with another teacher in your District in order to implement.

Implementation Scheduling must be completed by March 30. This is so Diane Schilder, Project Evaluator, may schedule herself or her assistant Meghan Broadstone for an observation and so your Director also may make arrangements to assist you.

We strongly recommend that you schedule implementation before June. We understand the realities of MCAS testing, and that you may want to implement after MCAS. Given how life accelerates -- and how many special days are scheduled -- in June, relying on days at the end of the year may mean that the time simply disappears and implementation never happens. Please plan on implementing sooner rather than later. Schedule for April or May. Talk to your Director if this presents a difficulty -- we'll work something out.

Also, remember that the implementation stipend is separate from the participation stipend and cannot be paid until all parts of implementation and your final surveys (ours and a comparison teacher's) are complete.
We want to see you receive your full stipend (both parts) as soon as possible.
Implement as soon as possible -- schedule for April or May! Thank you!

We will post your information to the Implementation Grid on the Evaluation page. Check it periodically for accuracy.
For more information on evaluation, go to the Evaluation Page. Also review the information on evaluation we discussed in Lesson Planning Workshop 1.

See pages 4-2 and 4-3 in your white binder for more information.