Medford Professional Development 2013

Date of Professional Development: TBA
Provided by: Matthew Brophy, Medford High School
Maria D'Orsi, Medford High School

Medford Public SchoolsApril 2013Becoming America History ProjectProfessional Development, Matt Brophy and Maria D’OrsiProfessional development pre-survey:

  • Introductions: 15-20 minutes
    • Matt Brophy 12th year teacher at Medford High School participant in Becoming America and Voices Rising.
    • Maria D’Orsi librarian Brooks Elementary School and Medford High School participant in Voices Rising and Becoming America
    • Elementary faculty Medford Public Schools
    • Becoming America Project Summary (Maria and Matt)

  • Inquiry Based Lessons

    • Walk through an inquiry based learning activity: start off with “How do you use primary sources in the elementary classroom?” 15-20 minutes
    • We will analyze a document together and discuss what we see.
    • Have each person analyze a primary source, painting, photos, maps etc., with an analysis sheet from the national archives.

      How could you use this in your classroom?
    • Inquiry Based Learning tied into the learning standards (20 minutes)
    • Break 5 minutes

  • Walk through one of the lessons: 30-40 minutes
Imma Peterson (Chelsea)
Never Look Back:
  • Return to Group
  • The participants in the workshop will go through the first day’s activity and discuss how they could use this in their class.
  • We then will go back to how you use primary sources in the elementary classroom. Are they useful for to deepen understanding?