Grade 3 standard
Unit Name: Going to America: The Promised Land
Natalie Forbes (3.6) (push/pull)
Inmaculada Peters (3.6) (discrimination)
Jessica Travaline (3.6) (schooling)
Hope Rossow (3.6) (citizenship rights)

Going to America: The Promised Land

Pemberton Mills
Rachel Porter (US 2.2) (workers)
Aaron Minton (US 2.1) (bosses)

Labor Strikes
Unit TItle: Striking: Labor Unions and Immigrants
Helen Martin (US 2.5) (North Adams)
Bob D'Agostino (US 2.5) (Lawrence unions/women workers)
Kathi Ware O'Donoghue (US 2.3) (Lawrence children)

Striking: Labor Unions and Immigrants

Grade 5 Standard --5.24 Basic Democratic Principles --Equality, etc.
Mecky Napoli (African-American migrants||European immigrants)
Paul Mallett ( Chinese immigrants and discrimination)
Colleen Synan (Immigrant experiences at Ellis Island)
Basic Democratic Principles PBU Ver 2 (5/13/2011)

Grade 5 Standard -- 5.27 Citizenship/citizens impact on gov't
Unit Name: From Immigrant to Citizen
Lisa DiSalvatore (process of becoming citizen)
Linda Maltais (immigrant to citizen, story of the Keverians)
Patrick Condon (Irish in Civil War)
Kat Gamache (Greek/Chinese in Am/Latin American citizenship)

From Immigrant to Citizen

US II Standard on aspects of immigrant experience
Unit Name: Immigrant Experiences: The Struggle to Become American
Deborah Vose (US 2.2) (possessions of Chinese and European Jewish immigrants)
Jody Liu (US 2.3) (Chinese immigrants)
Maria D'Orsi (US 2.3) (Jewish immigration vs. US migration - Memoirs are they valid primary sources?)
Debbie Corleto (US 1.2) (Jacob Riis photos/Lewis Hines - immigrant life)
Immigrant Experiences: The Struggle to Become American

The Life of a Boston Immigrant - The Early 1900s
Michela DeBari (US 2.2) (Changing face of the North End)
Kevin Cullen (US 2.3) (Italian experiences in North End)
Mike Lightbody (US 2.8) (Italian Immigrant, George Scigliano, progressive leader)
Mary Puleo (5.27) (Denison House, a settlement house)