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WWI German Immigrant war pilot from Everett

Useful Links

Ellis Island National Monument (NPS) Resource Links (includes legislation)

Cartoons of naturalization class and some about naturalization from Immigrant News (immigration law journal)

USCIS Naturalization Test Study Guides

Ellis Island Oral History Project from ancestry.com
Oral Histories (transcripts) from Ellis Island via Westport, CT schools
Oral History in the Classroom (basic guide and tips) from Montana Heritage Project
Youth Source "Specific Oral History Questions"

Museum of Chinese in America
History of Chinese in America (timeline)
Anti-Chinese Legislation
Chinese Immigration from Digital History
Library of Congress, Immigration "Chinese"
Chinese Immigration sources from American Memory (search "Emigration and Immigration")

****Immigration** figures for 1903** (American Memory)

**With poor immigrants to America; by Stephen Graham ... with 32 illustrations from photographs by the author. (1914)** (American Memory) Has photos of Russian and other immigrants on trip and in U.S.

Mexican-Americans in California, 1900-1940 NPS

The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People
By Paul S. Boyer, Clifford E. Clark, Jr., Sandra McNair Hawley, Joseph F. Kett, Andrew Rieser,
"Immigrant Labor" pp. 419-420 (Google Books)

Library of Congress-- "Immigration" interactives, overview

Library of Congress, Learning Page.
"Rise of Industrial America"
Photos and Films of Immigrants to America, 1900-1929

Academic American, "The Gilded Age". Has information about immigration, labor unions, and industrialization.

Academic American, "Lives of Working Men and Women," first-person accounts -- see "The Experiences of a Chinese Immigrant, 1880-1903" and "Memoirs of a Sweatshop Girl, 1902"

Bureau of Labor Statistics, "American Labor in the 20th Century" -- compares 1900 to 1990.