BAY3 - Unit Planning

Unit Groupings

Units By Topics (these are the groupings)

Places and Spaces - WebQuest director - Bob
  1. Colleen Synan -- Tenement Living -- sent to historians
  2. Jen Powers -- Traditions - sent to historians
  3. Matt Stone -- The North End: The Beginning of a New Life -- sent to historians
  4. Mary Puleo-- Riding the Orphan Trains -- sent to historians

Food - WebQuest director - Bob
  1. Mary Liberge -- You Are What You Eat -- sent to historians
  2. Maria -- Medford's Fannie Farmer

Strangers in a Strange Land - WebQuest director - Cathleen (1-2) and Kathy (3-5)
  1. Joanna -- Triangle Fire/Sacco& Vanzetti -- sent to historians
  2. Lucas Dedeus -- Roman plebians/anti-immigration feeling (Lawrence strike)-- sent to historians
  3. Ashley Yoerger -- Boston politics - sent to historians
  4. Barbara Kennedy -- Houdini -- sent to historians
  5. Jessica Travaline-- Joe Wehner (German-Am WWI Ace)

Migrating North, Searching for Equality - WebQuest director - Kathy
  1. Inma Peters-- William Henry Lewis - sent to historians
  2. Lisa DiSalvatore -- Matthew Bullock -- sent to historians
  3. Debbie C -- Harlem Renaissance - sent to historians
  4. Larry Higgins -- The Use of Free Speech to Effect Social Change: William Monroe Trotter and Voltaire

Immigration Restriction (IRL) - WebQuest director - Cathleen
  1. Rebecca Drayer -- 1917 Immigration Restriction Act -- sent to historians
  2. Jean Witt -- 1924 Immigration Restriction Act
  3. Helen Martin -- NACL vs. IRL -- sent to historians
  4. Kevin Cullen -- IRL and Literacy Test - sent to historians
  5. Matt Brophy -- AntiFillipino sentiment post Sp-Am War - sent to historians

Standards List

3.7 -- Mass bios
Barbara Kennedy -- Houdini
Inma-- Mary McLeod Bethune [need to link to standard more tightly]
Lisa -- Matthew Bullock

3.9 -- Bldgs
Jen Powers-- Dennison Hse
Colleen -- tenements

5.27 -- Citizens change govt
Joanna -- Triangle Fire/Sacco& Vanzetti [need to link to standard more tightly?]
Mary Puleo-- Orphan Trains [need to link to standard more tightly?]
Mary Liberge -- School Lunch
Lucas Dedeus -- Roman plebians/anti-immigration feeling (IRL)

USI.20 -- civic ideals
Helen Martin -- NACL vs. IRL
Larry Higgins -- ?? Wm Monroe Trotter
Kevin Cullen -- IRL and Literacy Test
Ashley Yoerger-- Boston politics

USI. 15 govt responsibilities
Maria -- food
Rebecca -- 1917 Immigration Restriction Act
Jean Witt -- 1924 Immigration Restriction Act
Debbie C -- Harlem Renaissance
Matt Stone -- North End Jewish settlement

USII.6 world affairs (Civil War to WWI)
Jessica Travaline -- Joe Wehner (German-Am WWI ace)
Matt Brophy -- Philippines

HS Standards for Year 3

USI.15 - Explain the varying roles and responsibilities of federal, state, and local governments in the United States.
  • Jody Liu
    • How do laws change or become implemented relative to immigration and the attitudes toward it?
    • How do societal expectations translate into laws/punishments?
  • Maria D'Orsi
    • How did the "melting pot" participate in the creation and formation of American holidays and celebrations?
      • Summer Institute Connection - Day 5 - Histories of Immigration and Food
      • Fall Seminar - Vincent Cannato - Mary Antin at Revere Beach
      • BPL Rare Books (menus), Schlesinger Library at Harvard
        Nellie Kezie Jones
  • Helen Martin
    • How did anti-immigrant sentiment create or shape the immigrant home?
  • Rebecca Drayer and Jean Witt
    • What was the resistance of immigrants to assimilate?
    • What methods did immigrants and/or Nativists used to influence politics?
    Rebecca Drayer
    • Literacy Tests -- Cleveland's veto of 1897 and following, IRL, 1st Amendment, petition, how laws get made, legislation's impact on everyday lives
    • BPL -- Gov Docs, Rare Books -- copies of literacy tests, presidential responses, IRL petitions, testimony about,
    • America's Historic Newspapers -- news coverage, editorials
Jean Witt
    • 1924 Immigration Restriction Act
    • BPL -- Gov Docs -- Coolidge's signed version with message and showing immigration source #s; Leventhal Map Room -- 1920s Atlases, Francis Walker Census Maps showing immigration and sources; Rare Books -- poems, publications re: Immigration Restriction; Prints -- Cartoons, advertisements re: Immigration Restriction
    • America's Historic Newspapers -- news coverage, editorials
    • Mass State Library and Archives --?
    • Connect to issues of why certain people are not liked -- stereotyping, prejudice and bullying in Tunes for Bears to Dance To
  • Ashley Yoerger
    • How were local, state and federal governments affected by various immigrant groups?
  • Matt Brophy
    • How did newer immigrants (Italian and Eastern European) get involved in politics?
  • Debbie Corleto
    • How did Blacks assimilate into their new roles, once they migrated North?;
    • How did Immigrants retain their cultural heritage while assimilating?
    • How has immigration contributed to the narrowing and expansion of American civic ideals?
    • How has the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance contributed to the narrowing and expansion of American civic ideals
  • Matt Stone
    • How did the Eastern European Jewish immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries use the North End in Boston to help guide their assimilation into American culture?
    • Boston Public Library- Maps, photographs, secondary sources, and primary sources of Jewish immigrants who lived in the North End during this time
    • Massachusetts Historical Society
    • Massachusetts State Library and Special Collections- Directories, maps, census records

USI.20 - Explain the evolution and function of political parties, including their role in federal, state and local elections.
  • Larry Higgins
    • How did immigration impact civic ideals and culture?
    • What are the causes and consequences/impacts of immigration?
  • Rebecca Drayer and Jean Witt
    • What was the motivation for immigrants to conform/assimilate to American society?
  • Luke DeDeus
    • What were attitudes about strangers in Republican Rome (c. 300 BC) and early 20th century U.S. and how did political groups and government (the Plebian Council and the Immigration Restricton League) express these differences/struggle over control of the debate?
    • BPL --
    • Euro Docs
    • Classical Collections online

Ashley Yoerger
    • How have various groups of immigrants (the Irish, Italians, and Islanders) gained political power in the city of Boston? How have the political bodies evolved?
    • BPL - microtext, maps, photographs
    • James Michael Curley and Scigliano.I want to look at political campaigns and census maps (to show the Italian differences).

  • Kevin Cullen
    • How did the immigration restriction league (IRL) influence federal, state and local elections/policies on immigration?
    • BPL, Microtext department IRL information, Govt Docs - Immigration Restriction League (IRL), pamphlets from IRL
    • Online Harvard Collections
    • How were anti-immigrant feelings reflected in the policies of local, state and federal governments?
  • Jody Liu
    • How did immigrant aid societies evolve to function within the political world?
  • Helen Martin
    • How does the Brahmin's view of themselves as custodians of the American ideal, shape immigration policy?
    • Looking at the immigrant workers view of themselves and response to the Brahmin/IRL view of immigrants
    • French-Canadian mill workers at Salem Historical Society -- historic newspaper La Revue de Salem newsletters in the Salem Collection Room at the Public Library
    • Lawrence History Center (Lowell?) archives -- other immigrant groups in response to owners?
    • BPL--BPL, Microtext department IRL information, Govt Docs - Immigration Restriction League (IRL), pamphlets from IRL, anything re: immigrant response to IRL demands -- Rare Books?
    • MFA online -- images of paintings re: working class and upper class life

USII.6 - Analyze the causes and course of America's growing role in world affairs from the Civil War to World War I.
  • Maria D'Orsi
    • How did Carribean trade increase the US goal to dominate what was formerly British?
      • Summer Institute Connection: Day 1 - Old Stock
      • Fall Seminar Connection: Prof. Hannigan - Old Stock and World Trade
      • Partner Site Connection - Waltham NARA, BPL Gov't Docs, online connections to BPL, Internet Archive
  • Matt Brophy
    • How would attitudes towards the "new immigrants" fuel the change in U.S. foreign policy. (eugenics and Social Darwinism)
  • Fall Seminar Connection: Professor Hannigan - Old Stock and New Imperialism
  • Partner Site: BPL- microtext (newspapers), photographs,secondary sources

4-5th Grade Standards for Year 3

Explain how American citizens were expected to participate in, monitor, and bring about changes in their government over time, and give examples of how they continue to do so today.
Colleen Synan
    • Why were the Irish so successful in obtaining political power in comparison to other immigrant groups?
    • How did political cartoons influence the gain of political power for certain immigrant groups?
  • Mary Puleo
    • Did the orphan train movement help immigrant children assimilate to American life?
    • Simmons Library Charities Collection-- the records of the Boston Home for Little Wanderers, Boston Children's Aid Society
    • BPL -- maps, Boston Children's Aid Society records (1890s publications, Rare Books?), Boston Herald newspaper,
    • Library of Congress
    • Online -- Orphan Train biographies
  • Joanna Newton
    • How did the attitude of the public influence how immigrants were treated?
    • Citizens' interaction with government
    • Visual sources -- learning how to look critically, using SIGHT method
    • BPL --micro text, political cartoons, newspapers and magazines, print department,
    • Gong Lum v. Rice (1927) -- US Supreme Court Case [NARA Chinese Exclusion Files?]
    • Labor Strikes -- cartoons about famous strikes
    • Political Cartoons -- elections of 1896, 1900 --?
    • Sacco and Vanzetti -- process of judicial appeal --?
    • Narrowed Focus: How immigrants were protrayed in the media (photographs, cartoons, posters, headlines); how did the press control what the media presented to the public; how was the public influenced by the images and the headlines to which they were exposed; public stereotypes; development of empathy
Mary Liberge
  • How did immigrant's food traditions change when they settled in America?
  • What is the impact of government on the regulation of food safety and nutrition?

K-3 Standards for Year 3

3.7 - After reading a biography of a person from Massachusetts in one of the following categories, summarize the person's life and achievements.
e. political leadership (e.g., John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Edward Brooke, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, Paul Revere).

Barbara Kennedy
  • What cultural traditions did immigrants hold on to and why?
  • How did immigrants define success in America at the turn of the century?
  • BPL - Newspaper articles, ads, rare books, medium letter
  • Library of Congress, original film clips from movies made, audio clips, posters, photographs
  • Online:
    contains 400+ photos, audio of Houdini's voice, Houdini video clips, Bess Houdini's voice.

    Immaculada Peters
    • How are the lives of immigrant children at the turn of the 20th century the same or different than the lives of immigrant children today.
    • Great Migration, William Henry Lewis (1868-1949)
  • ** According to Wikipedia - he was the first African-American college football player abd All-American, the first to be appointed as an Assistant United States Attorney, the first to become a member of the American Bar Association, and the first to serve as United States Assistant Attorney General.
    Negro Year Book: an annual encyclopedia of the negro
  • Harvard Magazine article about William Henry Lewis -

Mass info on William Henry Lewis.
  • includes a picture of him in court.

History Channel information on William Henry Lewis:

Thurgood Marshall: An Heir of Charles Hamilton Houston -
Confronting Jim Crow: Boston's Anti-slavery tradition: In abstract it says - Attorney William Henry Lewis, a supporter of Booker T. Washington, kept silent in the face of injustice, hoping to win political advancement.

Boston Confronts Jim Crow: 1890-1920 - by Mark Schneider

Memorial Service for Julia Ward Howe - where WH Lewis spoke (also at Harvard)


Booker T. Washington Papers
  • Lisa DiSalvatore
    • What are the similarities/differences in the experiences between immigrants and African Americans coming north during the Great Migration?
    • Looking at historic sites/buildings -- how do these physical sites show the culture and experience of those who built/lived in them?

    • BPL Leventhal collection Maps of Dorchester, Hyde Park, Boston
    • BPL Demographic Map information -Westend, North Slope and Beacon Hill (african Americans or Cape Vereans lived)
    • BPL Newspaper Globe Herald etc.. ("Colored Persons"neighborhoods, migration, ethnicity names of people)
    • BPL Prints and photos, streets, owners etc.. (historical photos of inside William Munroe Trotter House)
    • Mass State Archives Library - City Directories
    • Museum African American History- Cape Verdean Neigborhoods (1880-1920/30), Material Culture - stuff- clothese, dishes, toys, furniture
    • West End Museum and neighborhood
    • William Monroe Trotter House
    • Cape Verdean immigration -- neighborhoods?
    • Talk to Kerri Greenidge about potential resources

  • Jen Powers
    • How did immigrants try to fit in in America, while at the same time preserving old traditions.
    • Using the Denison House as a vehicle for teaching immigrants' struggles to balance assimilation with preservation of old world values and traditions
      Online Schlesinger Library