Everett PD

Lisa DiSalvatore

Wednesday May 8 (3-4pm)
Lafayette School Library


  • Give teachers a copy of the lesson handouts with common core ideas

  • Introduce myself and explain my participation in Becoming America and the purpose of the workshop;

  • Discuss importance of using primary sources in the classroom and the new focus of using warehouse of lessons to focus on ways to help teachers teach Common Core topics.

  • Show and tell teachers how they can search for lessons they might use to help them teach common core topics.

  • Using a hands on computer approach, walk teachers through several examples I have predetermined as common core lessons (example for ELA, Math, science)

  • Have teachers search and explore lessons for themselves.

  • Professional Development Post-survey -


Demonstrate how these lessons might be helpful to teachers and how they might locate lessons that could cover core topics they want to teach example: " find all ELA lessons that help students practice inference skills or compare/contrast" or "math lessons that could be used to help teach basic statistics".
Walk through the various years lessons below and show the Webquest links and how each might be connected to common core curriculum:

Ask teachers to think about a common core area they might like to work on. Ask them find three activities or primary sources ( using the remaining year 2 and year 3 unit lessons below) what things do they see that they might be able to bring back to their classrooms?
Ask teachers to report back on what they found and how they might be used in their classrooms.

Year 1 Unit : Who are the Know-Nothings? Grades 8-12

1. Read, Think, Link (Everett)
Core area : Math/ Data driven lesson
Could use for statistics such as Avg. Mean Median etc.

2. Get to Know the Know-Nothings: (Malden)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Point of View, Main Idea Key Details

Year 1 Unit : The Power of the Looms Grades 7-12
1. The Rise of the Immigrant Industrialist ( Malden)
Core area: Science/ Focus on Inventions, Testing and the way things work ie. waterwheels

2. The Immigrant Journey (Braintree)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Poetry, letters and Diaries

3. Get to Know Harriet Farley (Malden)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Read and Respond

Year 1 Unit: Religious Conflict in Antebellum Boston Grades 7-12
1. The Ursuline Convent Fire (Medford)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Compare and Contrast; debating issues, use of venn diagrams and organizers.

2. Broad Street Riot (Medford)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Cause and Effect;
Math/Science Focus on Percentages, Demographics, population

3. The Price of Freedom (Everett)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Debate, Speaking and Listening, use of Graphic organizers
Year 1 Unit: Native Americans, Read! Grades 7-12

1. Taking a Stand (Braintree)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Issues, Bias and propaganda, speaking and listening; Science/ Focus on city conditions, design, engineering

2. Puritan Tears for Fears (Braintree)
Core area: Math/Science Focus on Predictions, data, charts and graphs, changes over time

3. Snapshot of Native’s Treatment (Braintree)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on justification, arguments, support, evidence
Math/ Science Focus on data, charts, changes over time

4. Fighting Your Way (Braintree)

Year 1 Unit: Navigating the New World Grades 9-12

1. Letters Home (Chelsea)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Letters, journals, perspective, view point; pros and cons
Science/ Focus on technology, Materials

2. This was Chelsea (Chelsea)
Core area: Math/ Science Focus on analysis, predictions, Data, comparisons, numbers and changes over time, materials, observations

3. Tempers and Temperance (Chelsea)
Core area: ELA/ focus on essay, analysis, perspective and point of view

4. I Know Nothing: Politics (Chelsea)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on persuasion, viewpoint, analysis, purpose, intent

Year 1 Unit: Go West, Young Man! Grades 7-12

1. Making an educated decision (Everett)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on journals, poems, speaking, writing and listening, role playing;
Math/Science focus on demographics, statistics, number changes over time, charts

2. Birds Eye View Maps (Medford)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on point of view, inference, audience, summary, similarities, differences,
Math/Science and technology focus on analysis, accuracy, observation

3. And the Cruel Reason why I left old Skibbereen (Medford)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on theme, analysis, main idea, similarities, differences, poetry, lyric

Year 2 The Life of a Boston Immigrant - The Early 1900s Grade 5-12

1. Denison House, a settlement house (Everett)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Reading, Writing, note taking skills, Theme, summarizing,
Core: Science/Technology Focus on Analysis and Observation, Maps

2. Italian Immigrant, George Scigliano, Progressive Leader (Malden)
Core area; Math/ Focus on Percentages, statistics
ELA/ Focus on Reading and Writing, analysis, summarizing, presentation skills

3. Italian Experiences in North End (Medford)
Core area: Math/Science Focus on Statistics, maps
Core area: ELA/Focus on similarities and differences. note taking presentation skills

4. Changing face of the North End (Medford)
Core area: Math/Science Focus on patterns, data, ranking, grouping, maps, inquiry, analysis

Year 2: Going to America.. The Promised Land Grade 3
1. Should I stay or should I go? (Braintree)
Core area: ELA -Focus on idea organization, Graphic Organizers KWL Charts

2. Never Look Back (Chelsea)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Reading and Writing, Compare /contrast, conclusions, making connections

3. But in America, We can Go to School (Chelsea)
Core area: ELA/ Focus on Adjectives and use of descriptions, compare/contrast

4. Free to Be Me (Chelsea)
Core Area: ELA/ Focus on Inference, image inquiry, compare /contrast, making observations

Year 2: Pemberton Mills Grade
1. Workers (
Core area:

2. Bosses (
Core area;

Year 2: Immigrant Experiences The Struggle to Become American Grade 8-12
1. Life in a New World (Medford)
Core area;

2. A Memoir-able Experience (Medford)
Core area;

3. Sorry we’re closed - but only to you (Medford)
Core area;

4. If these walls could Talk...
Core area;

Year 2: Labor Unions and Immigrants Grades 7-12
1. Settled vs. Unsettled (Everett)
Core area;

2. “Because I was unable to make a living “ (Everett)
Core area;

3. “We want bread and roses, too” (Medford)
Core area;

Year 2: Basic Democratic Principles Grades
1. We Welcome Everyone (
Core area;

2. The Chinese Experience
Core area;

3. The Man Farthest Down

Year 2: Immigrant to Citizen Graded 5-12
1. So, You Want to Be come an American Citizen? (Everett)
Core area;

2. Considering Citizenship (Everett)
Core area;

3. Fighting to Fit in (Braintree)
Core area;

4. Immigrants and Citizenship (Braintree)
Core area;