Becoming America Year 3

Fall Seminar 4

Thursday, October 6, 2011
Location: Ferryway School, 150 Cross Street, Malden Map

See the Fall Seminar #4 Synopsis on the Becoming America Blog - Fall Seminar #4 - Mary Antin's Promised Land

Professor Cannato discusses the causes of Jewish migration.

Scheduled Topic:

Mary Antin, The Promised Land
Vincent Cannato, Ph.D., UMass Boston

Powerpoint from the Seminar

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Mary Antin, Chapters 1-2, 6-11, 16-20, The Promised Land

Alternatively, you can also access the book via Google Books - Mary Antin's The Promised Land


Choose a passage ­ a sentence, a paragraph, or a number of paragraphs ­ from
Mary Antin's The Promised Land that you either found interesting, confusing,
or annoying. Be prepared to explain in class why you chose that passage and
what it tells us about Antin's experiences as an immigrant.
A Bintel Brief - Selected letters
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Mary Antin's The Promised Land, image from the Boston Public Library Rare Books Department. Image by Robert Simpson