Presentation Board Preparation for Showcase Event

April 5, 2012
Location: Districts

This is a working session to create your poster boards for the final event. Please bring any materials that you may need with you. The goal is to create a board that presents your lesson, especially its use of inquiry-learning, primary source documents, and historical insight. See the BA Blog for info.

Board are to be completed by May 4, 2012. Your Director will collect your board and transport it to the Showcase Event for you.

The Showcase Event is on Monday, May 14, 2012. It will be at Tufts. Participants should plan to arrive at 12 noon. There will be teacher sharing, an advisory board meeting, and the Public Sharing from 4:00pm to 5:00 pm. More details to come.

Please make sure your Director knows your implementation plans. Your dates of implementation should be emailed to your Director and to Project Evaluator Diane Schilder. Your pre-/post-assessment items should be selected and listed on your Teacher Side Lesson Page under "Assessment." You may add additional assessment items there. Diane will get back to you via email with an assessment draft and confirm your Implementation plans. For more about implementation see the Evaluation Page. Past BA Blog entries also explain implementation

Please also make sure that, by the time of the Showcase, you have completed the final survey as requested by Project Evaluator Diane Schilder. This will also available as a link on the Evaluation Page. You will receive an email with a link to the survey, as well. Please contact Diane and your Center Director if you have not, or have any questions.

Final Survey

Final Showcase Presentation boards

The following images are examples of boards.

The Rise of the Immigrant Industrialist lesson.

Debbie's Corleto lesson using Bird's Eye View Maps and Landscapes.

Each station has at least one computer and projector for viewing the online version of the lessons.

Each teacher lesson is represented by a poster. Posters are displayed side-by-side as units.

Here is a Worksheet for Storyboarding your Poster. It can help you plan before you apply the gluestick... ;)